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    Then sorry to say you are not following this plan at all. No avocado (they are very good for you after this diet) and that potato was a key food with the butter/fat. You may want to start over and read each day carefully and follow.

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    I am on 8rd day I had 6 cup of coffee every morning Ll it effect diet plan ?i ll not have any weight loss becoz of that ?

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    Can I have salmon on day 5 instead of beef..
    Also I don 8767 t follow timings but I follow the diet strictly.
    Today on day 9and am feeling quiet hungry
    Have had 8bananas and 7 glasses of coffee and and 6 banana shake

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    Not really but at the same time you will be fine, keep rolling. When you say sprouts, do you mean the long green kind or are you talking beans with a tiny sprout out of the end?

    Hi! I 8767 m doing this diet and its my 9th day today. I have lost 5 pounds already and I 8767 m hoping to shed another five by the end of this diet. However, i wanted to ask if i can have knorr soup like hot n sour etc instead of the soup mentioned in the plan as I simply can 8767 t have that one. Kindly reply soon. Thanks!

    Not bad 🙂
    No, stop, however consider going no grain. You will need some potatoes or white rice with each meal, do not want to go low carb. Try 8 square meals a day, good protein, lots of veg, some fruit, etc. You may be amazed at the additional weight loss and how great you feel. RUN from process foods.

    Well legumes/beans are high in carbs and have protein, so they are not like at all a normal veg. Sprouts here are pure green sprouts and are a veg. However I am a foodie, I would sprout my beans before eating, they are so healthy.

    act i started before 8days Bt my frnd said u cnt study till ur last day So i left.. Dats y i asked u will i able to study in diet period ?? N ur ans is positive so m starting frm tomorrow I even brought all fruits, veggies for it I hope it wont affect me on my study.. Bt as u told i hv started 75min brisk walk n 75suryanamskar for d day onward only I hope i ll loose atleast 65kgs in 6n half month

    Hello author i waannaaa ask dat today was 8th day of gm diet i is that 8 8766 o clock today i had rice and can i continue to this gm i have to start again plz tell meee

    well then you are not getting near enough good fat hence the losses will be less. and a little does matter, it 8767 s just that bad. well it is supposed to be 9 bananas, milk and veg soup NOT tomato soup. please read each day more carefully.


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