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    Yaa author i read u tell me wat to i am vegetarian ,so tell me aftr completng thia diet plan wat to wat to eat breakfast
    Plz tell me

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    Can u pls tel me (vegetarian) 7 days diet plan. Instead of Raw vegetable items.
    Shall i eat mango on day 6?
    Boiled or cooked Carrot and beetroot on day 7? Pls advice

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    Hello , Can u pls guide me about good healthy daily routine diet I mean which we can take daily untill we start our next round and we can always take lighter but healthy foods in our life. I would be thankful to have that plan. I was in impression I never filled my stomach so I m taking less calories even I have calculted my daily calories. Pls refer the link for daily healthy foods as breakfast, lunch and dinner so that I can even reduce my wieght with normal diet plan. Thanks

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    Today is my first day and have lost 6kg. I would pls like to ask if I can roast my vegetables for tomorrow or use soy sauce stir fry with veggies such as cabbage, snow peas and asparagus with baby corn?

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    Hi..m startng the
    gm diet frm tomorrow n m very excited at present m 79 kgs n wat to loose 75 kgs in 8 i wated to know how often sholud i repeat this diet

    Plzzzzz tell me y m not been able to loose my weight evn m following d diet wid complete dedication
    M exercise very hard is diz d reason i havnt lost yet my weight
    Bt itz actually not so hard
    I used to do aerobics , trade mill, side exercise
    n even I take hot water to drink s well still m not loosing itz my 7th day n untill yet I reduced only 7 kgs

    Hi isha do diz diet plan okay..7 times in 6 month..
    Do 75 times suryanamaskar every day any time ,believe me itz very effective ,bcz u have just month do suryanamaskar 75 times and 75 min walk brisk walk..beleive me u will see the best do yoga just do dat.
    With diet we need excercise too just do dat

    Day 7:
    Breakfast: 6 boiled potatao with butter
    Lunch: roasted eggplant,tomato and raw cabbage
    Dinner: cabbage and tomato soup
    Snack: tomato and cucmbet salad


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