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    For some reason when I go full screen it won 8767 t stretch, it 8767 s just the game window surrounded by black, and my mouse cursor can 8767 t leave the window. Any ideas what 8767 s up? I am running 6655 765 955 as my resolution and when I first started the game I clicked on windowed.

    New Zealand Dollar. Money Management

    Guys, I 8767 ve downloaded all the parts
    I got the patch
    But when I try to install it a window pops up asking for something like a CD key/Pass code/Password
    I 8767 ve looked for tutorials and other installation walk throughs

    Walt Whitman: Song of Myself

    Why did Yuuji Sister didnt contact with him if she is alive considering how much she love him?
    What happen between Chizuru and Yuuji, i know they met in a job but what happen?
    What does Asako Look like? (personal curiosity here)
    Who is the Higher Up that kept being mention?
    Who is the Professor, was it Yuuji Sister?

    Volcanoes and volcanology | Geology

    Enjoyable story and character Especially Michiru.
    I just want to hug her because of her stupidness.
    Damn you pseudo-tsundere!!

    Is there any other VN similar to Yumiko route? I really liked her character (Yuuji as well of course) and I would love to see something similar. Dunno where to look or what to ask for, so can anyone help me with this?

    I played this game for the first time. I only saw Makinas 8767 route. Did I missed some parts or did I just made mistakes in choosing the right routes?

    Hey if anyone is also interested in game type V N Like sengoku rance and daiteikoku i also heard of sengoku hime 6,7,8,9 and 9 has an english version i hope anyone can tell me a download link plzz and thanks for the games Admin! long live admin! Hail Admin!


    ** LOAD SAVE 55 **
    Ask for an alternate penalty
    ** SAVE 57 **
    I want to ask you something.
    ** SAVE 58 **
    Don 8767 t leave after all. Let 8767 s stay together.
    Michiru BAD End

    Man Just going through Amane 8767 s route atm And reading the outcome of Ochi 8767 s mother upset me deeply :/

    Grisaia no Kajitsu
    Where Amane scene?
    Only Makina scene in this VN!
    What Happened?
    Where is the Sequel?


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