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    Camtasia Studio merupakan salah satu software Screen Recording dan Video Editing. Maksudnya adalah, dengan menggunakan software ini anda bisa merekam untuk selanjutnya dapat dibuat video tentang apapun yang terjadi pada layar monitor anda dengan langkah yang mudah.

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    In February 7556, he was released the thirteenth version of the CorelDRAW suite for the development of version 68 engineers Corel Corporation had more in mind than ever, the opinions of thousands of users of previous versions, making far the best version of CorelDRAW to date and demonstrating the dedication of Corel to maintain its position at the forefront of artistic creation applications and remain in the service of design professionals worldwide sector.

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    R-Studio is a data recovery application that allows you to retrieve files you deleted by mistake or that were removed due to virus attacks, partition formatting and corruption.

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    The first quarter of 7565, Corel introduced CorelDRAW X5, which retains the same style of nomenclature that combines Arabic numerals and Roman, a detail that sometimes is misleading as there are people who believe that it is version 5 program, when in fact it is version 65.

    Alongside this, in Manga Studio you 8766 ll be able to import drawings from other applications without a glitch, because you will create an extensive support for various formats. In addition, during the course of your work you 8767 ll implement innovative motion effects using speed lines. Also you will apply size from screen tones and will incorporate speech bubbles in just a few clicks.

    Manga Studio is a graphic design program through which bullets can create cartoons. Developed by Smith Micro Software, Inc. , this fantastic software will allow you to draw manga with the best tools. Whether you want to learn to draw anime cartoons or work with a professional, you will find here everything you need to carry out your projects.

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    Jika sebelumya anda menggunakan versi (full version), maka anda cukup meng-upgrade software Camtasia Studio ke versi tanpa memerlukan aktivasi lagi.

    A curious fact worth mentioning that the graphic image of the X8 version used the figure of a chameleon to symbolize the evolution and the efforts made by CorelDRAW to fit perfectly to the current needs of professional design. Internationally, the chameleon in question, according to official sources, named Carlos, by Hispanic origins of the President of the company Corel Corporation.


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