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    Overall Windows 7 is a great choice of operating system for just about anyone. It is a rock solid operating system with few flaws save that support for it will end sooner than other operating system options. If you are willing to learn how to navigate the 7's Control Panel and get used to a few other unique traits it has Windows 7 is an all-around fantastic choice.

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    Back when Windows 7 was available for purchase and download through the Microsoft Store, Microsoft used a company by the name of Digital River to provide the Windows 7 ISO images.

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    Hi I recently installed a Windows 7 pro sp6 which I bought online. But this comes with the windows update kb976957 which is a disaster and it can 8767 t be uninstalled since it is from the installation dvd. I suspect it cause Windows update to be checking for update forever. Anyway does this version of sp6 refers to that kb976957?

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    You welcome dear, after download you create a boot-able USB using this link

    You can choose between following options
    6) Ask the company to downgrade the windows 65 to Win 7 or Win 8.
    7)Install Windows 7 on your computer as Dual Boot, you can use windows 7 or windows 8 in trial mode.
    8)Buy windows 7 or 8 product keys from third party sources and activate your copy with them. ( Authenticity of these keys are questionable )

    Windows 7 Ultimate iso full download link below. You can also download bootable images for windows 7 ultimate. Windows 7 is best and amazing software for you. You can download professional version here windows pro iso.

    Windows 7 Ultimate license is costly to activate windows 7 ultimate 87/69bit being searched on Microsoft site, So I recently found another site: ODosta Store
    Where from, I got very cheap product key for my personal PC.
    Anyway, Thanks for your kind support.

    If this Microsoft resource doesn t work out for you, you may need to request a replacement in a different way. Keep reading for that and several more ideas.

    Right Click the Computer Icon, Choose Properties option and Click the Windows Activation option located at the bottom part of the Window

    Hi Zaibe, I have a copy of windows 7 on an old netbook. I am upgrading a slightly newer desk top with a Solid state drive. Can I download windows 7 from your site & then activate it with my original product key? Cheers Jeff


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