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    Date of publication: 2017-10-31 13:37




    Improved rendering performance with behaviors.
    Fixed a bug with Camtasia crashing when trying to import PowerPoint files.
    Fixed a bug with media being selected out of view on the timeline.
    Fixed a bug where the Recorder preview shows a white screen.
    Fixed a bug where tracks could be missing after upgrade to .
    Fixed a bug with pausing during sync captions.
    Fixed a bug where horizontal scroll could cause a crash.
    Fixed a crash using Annotations after installing to a folder with double byte characters.
    Other bug fixes and improvements.

    Camtasia Studio Build 2546 (64-bit) Download for

    If you watch a YouTube video explaining how to edit in Photoshop, write in Word, or do anything else in a program, that video was very likely created with Camtasia Record, the original core function of Camtasia Studio. Capturing and showing screen-based activity, such as cursor movement, menu choices, and other interface interactions remains quite straightforward. Click the Record button, and everything you do on your computer monitor is recorded, until you click the Stop button. The results are quite smooth, even when capturing complex on-screen media. That's because Camtasia's new capture engine is optimized for high-definition video, and can now record at 85 frames per second. (Version 7 had a tendency to slow down to 5-65 frames per second.)

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    Other improvements include expanded libraries of themed assets designed to look good together, including more free downloadable animations, backgrounds, banners, buttons, callouts, motion, music, and graphics from TechSmith's website. Transitions no longer mess with the timing of the video (as they tended to do in version 7) instead, they drop right on top of the tracks, keeping everything in place as you originally designed it.


    ko kenapa Kursor di laptopku putus putus tidak kelihatan jadi susah untuk mengetahui posisi Cursornya..
    Boleh tau ada solusinya kenapa bisa begitu ??
    Laptopku Udah Corei8 dan pakai Windows XP

    Camtasia Studio gives you the devices to record your PC screen and after that transform those recordings into expert evaluation recordings. Also, once you 8767 ve altered and cleaned your creation, you can share it specifically from the application to YouTube, Google Drive, and . You can also download  VSDC Video Editor

    Record mouse movements. Make the cursor larger, animate clicks, and add a highlight to make mouse movements easier to track.

    I loved the last three features of this Camtasia 8767 s version. Camtasia is a simple tool to create videos. Sometimes, I wonder how to make attractive imaginations. Now, Camtasia is doing them. Looks great!

    Camtasia Studio Free Download will let you install a useful tool to Create and share training videos, presentations, and screencasts in to your PC. Its a completely stand alone and light weight setup file. Its compatible with windows 87 bit and 69 bit.

    Overall, Camtasia Studio is a fully comprehensive app for creating good looking, professional videos using screen capture. The user interface is simple to grasp and the feature set is more than average. Camtasia Studio is free for 85 days, but the full purchase price is $799.


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