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    We ve left the worker keys auto-generated so far, which is fine for workers deployed alongside the TSA, as it ll also automatically authorize them.

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    platform: linux image_resource: type: docker-image source: {repository: busybox} inputs: - name: flight-school run: path: ./flight-school/ci/

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    In general, try and think in terms of small reusable tasks that perform a simple action with the inputs that they re given. If a task ends up having too many inputs then it may be a smell that your task is doing too much. Similar to if a function in a program you were writing had a lot of parameters. In fact, that s a good way to think about tasks: they re functions that take inputs as parameters. Keeping them small and simple allows you to easily run them from your local machine as above.

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    name: deliver-food plan: - aggregate: - get: banana trigger: true passed: [fruit-basket-integration] - get: apple trigger: true passed: [fruit-basket-integration] - get: baggy trigger: true - task: shrink-wrap file: baggy/shrink- - put: bagged-food params: bag: shrink-wrap/

    The register-worker command is used to register a worker directly with the ATC. This should be used if the worker is running in the same (private) network as the ATC.

    Our first resource will be the location of our product s source code. Let s pretend it lives in a Git repo, and so we ll use the git resource type.

    This topic isn t crucial to understanding Concourse if you re just getting started and have finished the Installing section, you may want to first move on to Using Concourse.

    This can be used when you want to perform some side-effect, but you don t really want the whole build to fail if it doesn t work. For example, when emitting logs to S8 for analyzing later, if S8 flakes out it s not too critical.

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