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    While it has been a very popular diet plan over the years, there are still some questions about the effectiveness of the GM diet. According to recent studies, this diet plan is indeed effective in reducing excess pounds at a fast rate. While normal weight loss strategies induce at the most of 6 pound per week lost, the GM diet can help get rid of up to 65 lbs each week by simply following its food intake regimen.

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    hello author,
    is it compulsory to giv 7 weeks break between each gm diet plan?? plz let me know after successfull completion of 6st week of GM diet plan can i give 7 to 8 days of break and start again the 7nd gm plan for best.??

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    hi,it has recognized me as a registered user, but saying the reg has expired and only allowing the demo versio. what are my next steps?

    look st the top 7 posts here. let me know then if you haven any questions 🙂 http:///forums/gm-diet-after-day-/

    No, so sorry, this is totally way off. 6) Margarine pure junk food and bad for your health. No carrot and beans are not a vegetable. I suggest reading each day here very very carefully please. It will make the plan so much better.

    What 8767 s in the soup? vegetables are fine day 6 instead of soup. Sorry? You are reading other plans? We posted the meal plan day 6 and 7 on , if you need answers to the other plans ask that site. Likely nobody will answer, those are fake plans with ZERO support. No wonder you struggle here,m you are likely not even following our plan.

    Thank is my 7nd day of this m 78 year old and my hight is n weight is 58 kg is this plan is ok for me?

    Ohhh.. That means I am having extra wheat !! ? :-O so can you suggest me something else plz.. I have noticed that even those 7 chapati 8767 s at dinner are heavy on my stomach.. I still feels bloated even with those 7 chapatis. recently i have started a spoon of white rice, not every day but 7-8 in a week.. I feel my stomach cool when ever I have little rice.
    Plz suggest me

    Okay thankz a ton..
    Tell me can i have soup all 7 days any time..soup made of ( tomato,onion,and cabbage ,salt and pepper)is dat soup fine for all days..
    Also 7nd day can i have loki juice


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